English 5.1 | Information Systems homework help


For this week’s assignment, you will need to create an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 8 resources. Please remember that an annotated bibliography is not like a reference page, but detailed information on why you are using that reference and how it plays a role in your paper.

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English 5.1 | Information Systems homework help
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Please note that dictionary.com and wikipedia.com are not appropriate resources.

.create annotated bibliography on topics below

-taking notes on index cards

-taking notes on a computer

– Taking notes in a weblog

– Keeping the Trail: Your Search Notes


What to Include in Your Research Notes

Bibliographic Information (Documentation)

  • Books: author(s), title and subtitle, edition, publisher, place (depending on style used), and date of publication, and page numbers.
  • Articles: author(s); title of article; title of periodical; volume and number of issue; date of publication; page numbers; if accessed through a database, name of library, name of subscription database (e.g., EBSCO or ProQuest), and URL of article.
  • Website: name of publisher, title of web page, author’s name, date updated, and URL of page.


A brief restatement capturing the gist of the source’s main argument. Use fresh words (except key terms).


A restatement at approximately the same length of a source’s main points and examples. Use fresh words (except key terms).


An exact (word-for-word) restatement of a passage from a source (useful for capturing an idea expressed with special complexity, verve, or power); enclose it in quotation marks or use a block indent.


Your analysis, interpretation, or critique of the source or your synthesis of ideas from the source with your own ideas or ideas from other sources.

Writing Requirements


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