Enr 3 | Nursing homework help


Conduct a literature search to select a   qualitative Research Article related to the problem identified in Burn out Once your article is approved, conduct an initial critical appraisal by responding to the following questions:

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Enr 3 | Nursing homework help
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  • What type of qualitative research design was utilized      to conduct the study?
  • Are the results valid/trustworthy and credible?

· How were the participants chosen? 

· How were accuracy and completeness of data assured? 

· How plausible/believable are the results? 

  • Are implications of the research stated?

· May new insights increase sensitivity to others’ needs? 

· May understandings enhance situational competence?

  • What is the effect on the reader?

· Are the results plausible and believable? 

· Is the reader imaginatively drawn to the experience? 

  • What are the results of the study?

· Does the research approach fit the purpose of the study? 

  • How does the researcher identify the study approach?

· Are the data collection and analysis techniques appropriate? 

  • Is the significance/importance of the study explicit?

· Does the literature support a need for the study? 

· What is the study’s potential contribution? 

  • Is the sampling clear and guided by study needs?

· Does the researcher control selection of the sample? 

· Do sample size and composition reflect the study needs? 

· Is the phenomenon (human experience) clearly identified? 

  • Are data collection procedures clear?

· Are sources and means of verifying data explicit? 

· Are researcher roles and activities explained? 

  • Are data analysis procedures described?

· Does analysis guide directions of sampling when it ends? 

· Are data management processes described? 

· What are the reported results (descriptive or interpretation)? 

  • How are specific findings presented?

· Are the data meanings derived from data described in context? 

· Does the writing effectively promote understanding? 

  • Will the results help me care for my patients?

· Are the results relevant to persons in similar situations? 

· Are the results relevant to patient values and/or circumstances? 

· How may the results be applied to clinical practice?

Please be sure to answer the questions thoroughly using complete sentences and APA format. Explain responses to yes/no questions in detail by presenting information found in the study to support your response. 

Provide a reference for the article according to APA format. 


Clearly and fully answer all questions

Include a title page and reference page in APA format 7th edition. 

Use appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. A minimum of one scholarly source for the article is required


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