Enterprise it systems | Information Systems homework help

Select an organization of your choice that does not have an ERP system. Understand their current Information System, business process, and functional requirements.

• Take the role of a project manager for implementing an ERP system for the selected organization.

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Enterprise it systems | Information Systems homework help
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• Suggest an ERP System for the selected organization. Specify the vendor and tier of the recommended ERP system

• The project needs careful planning. You have to prepare the general plan for the project and study one of the units (modules) in detail. For the chosen unit, you have to analyze the business process in the selected business and map it with the business process in the selected ERP software.




Report Structure:


1. Executive summary

2. Introduction

3. First: Scope and Commitment Stage

​3.1 The feasibility study

​3.2 Scope of the ERP implementation.

​3.3 Resource and time requirement.

​3.4 Top management’s commitment

​3.5 Project teams

4. Second: Analysis and Design Stage

​4.1 Analysis of user requirements

​4.2 Map the differences between the current business process and the ERP software.

​4.3 Design a change management plan

​4.4 Training required

5. Third: Plan for Acquisition & Development Stage

​5.1 How the system will be implemented?

​5.2 Factors that has to be monitored during implementation

6. Conclusion

7. References


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