Enviromental science short answer assignment 7

assignment 7

short answers, not needed for citations nor APA.

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Enviromental science short answer assignment 7
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Difereciate  between a hazard and a  risk. Where does the vulnerability fit in ? 

Describe the public-health rolls of the CDC and the WHO

What are the four categories of human environmental hazard? Give examples of each,

List the top 10 risk factors that are responsible for global mortality and disease 

What is the significance of malaria worldwide and what are some recent developments in the battle against this disease?

Outline the four steps of risk assessment use by EPA

Document the efforts to control tobacco use both in United States and globally.

Compare the concept of ecosystem capital with that of natural resources. What does the two  reveal about values?

Compare and contrast the terms conservation and preservation

What does maximum sustained yield mean? What factors complicate it’s application?

What is the tragedy of the commons ?give an example of a common pool resource and describe ways of protecting such resources

When R restaurations efforts  needed? Describe efforts underway to restore the Everglades

Consider the benefits and problems associated with coastal and open ocean aquaculture. Is it a useful practice overall? Justify your answer.


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