Equity of us healthcare | Human Resource Management homework help


In this unit you have learned about the many issues people in the U.S. face regarding the accessibility of healthcare services. Health care reform efforts are attempting to remedy some of these access issues, but we still are seeing many groups of people, whether in relation to socio-economic status, age, or the patient’s geographic location, that are still running into barriers when attempting to find health care.

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Equity of us healthcare | Human Resource Management homework help
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As a health care management professional, you have been asked to speak to a local Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) program. Your presentation is titled “Equity and access to health care in the U.S.”

For this assignment, complete the following (being mindful of your target audience):

  • Create a presentation using either PowerPoint or Prezi (see instructions for using Prezi for free)
    • Include speaker’s notes or voiceover if using PowerPoint, attach a separate document with speaker’s notes if using Prezi
  • Your presentation should be a minimum of 8 slides, not including title and reference slides
  • You should address three key topics relevant to your presentation title, with applicable sub-points for each topic.
  • Target Audience: CNA students who have basic health care knowledge and experience. These individuals will be interacting with a wide variety of patient populations and health care systems upon graduation.
  • Include a minimum of two scholarly sources on a reference slide; APA format should be followed throughout.


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