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Topic:  Enterprise Risk Management Final Research Paper

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Erm final | Computer Science homework help
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Draco Motor Sports (DMS) is a public company which manufactures on-road and off-road recreational vehicles for sale through a dealer network. You are a manager in the Information Technology (IT) department at DMS and they need you to develop a plan with a roadmap for improving the maturity of the current Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program. In the past, ERM has not been a priority for DMS, but is a known concept throughout the organization. Failed compliance audits, along with a recent data breach, and subsequent news stories that were directed at the organization’s reputation in the marketplace have convinced the Board of Directors that they must address these weaknesses. As a result, the CEO has tasked you to create a risk roadmap to add structure to their ERM program and provide recommendations for establishing a more effective approach to the ERM processes that will be used as a basis to address the risks related to IT moving forward.

For the final research essay please include the following in your strategy:

  1. Develop a risk assessment for identifying the IT risks using one of the listed tools.
  2. Create a risk roadmap for the organization to address the risks in your assessment. 
  3. Recommend a specific approach that DMS needs to take to implement a more effective ERM program. 
  4. Analyze two methods for establishing key risk indicators (KRIs) related to IT and suggest the approach that DMS needs to take in order to link these KRIs with the organization’s strategic initiatives.

Please ensure you refer to the rubric for specific details on the requirements for this assignment!


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