Esl ppt slide | Applied Sciences homework help

Oral Presentation Requirements: 

ŸCreate 10-12 PPT slides to cover the same topic and content in your Problem/Solution essay

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Esl ppt slide | Applied Sciences homework help
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ŸEach slide should be clear and purposefully relevant to your topic

ŸUse creative visual aids in your PPT slides to assist the presentation

ŸYou should practice your presentation within the time limit of 5 minutes

ŸYour oral presentation will be given in small groups, and you will repeat your presentation in several different small groups.

Content (PPT Slides): PPT Slides are submitted on time. The ideas are well-developed, focused, and creative. The examples support the main ideas effectively. The content convincingly shows that the problem analyzed is significant, challenging, and controversial. The content also presents convincing arguments for the solution the presenter supports.

2.0 分

此标准已链接至学习结果Visual Elements and Organization (PPT Slides): The thesis slide clearly introduced the main idea. There are three main parts in the slides–introduction of the problem, the solution part–at least two solutions you don’t support, and one solution that you support, and a conclusion part. APA format should be used throughout. The use of images are effective.

1.0 分

此标准已链接至学习结果Clarity of voice: The presenter’s voice is loud and clear. Words are articulated clearly and at an appropriate speed. The speaker’s tone engages the audience well.

1.0 分

此标准已链接至学习结果Body Language (Composure, Posture): The presenter’s face and body are oriented effectively toward the audience members. Effective eye-contact is used.

1.0 分


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