Essay about film | English homework help


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Essay about film | English homework help
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Choose a film and write essay. In 3 – 5 pages, apply Mark Knapp’s model of communication to the film. Do not tell me the story of the film and do not evaluate the film; instead explain how the relationships in the film develop.

Relationships in the film you choose. Apply Mark Knapp’s model to the film. For example, tell me about an example in the film of Experimenting. Do not write a plot summary of the film. Use examples from the film to explain the model. Ex:  As Dorothy walks down the yellow brick road she arrives at a crossroad. She is unsure of which way to go. She then hears a voice from the middle of the cornfield giving her advice of which way to go. At that point, she meets the Scarecrow, which provides an example of the initiating stage of a relationship. According to Mark Knapp’s model, this is where two people have an initial meeting…  


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