Essay about thinking about global english

Writing Project: Thinking About Global English


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Essay about thinking about global english
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the Format should be MLA



English is a language which many people in the world use; however, it is not a static language. Because so many different people use it, and because English is often not the first language that people learn, English changes in various places and in new situations.


In your first paper, you will find an article about global English, and you will write a paper that gives a rhetorical analysis of the article. This paper will be structured as a rhetorical analysis paper. It will have an introduction that states the thesis, a series of body paragraphs that provide the analysis, and it will explain the significance of the analysis.


Grading will be based upon:

  • presence of a thesis statement

  • structure: introduction, body that contains rhetorical analysis and significance, conclusion

  • elements of rhetorical analysis; focus on details in analyzing the article

  • explanation of significance of details that are mentioned in your paper


This paper should be 4 pages, double-spaced. Please use a normal size font, such as Times New Roman 11 or 12 point. Please also include page numbers and include citations and a work cited page (you will only have one work cited, the article you analyze).



What is Rhetorical Analysis?

The goal of rhetorical analysis is to identify the important elements of a text and explain how each contributes to its meaning. Rhetorical analysis looks for important details and shows their significance. Some of these details include:

  • author and their credentials

  • intended audience

  • genre (form of writing)

  • tone of language

  • style

  • diction

  • author’s purpose

  • situation surrounding the writing of the piece (rhetorical situation)

  • types of support the author uses: logic (logos), emotion (pathos) or credibility (ethos)


The purpose of a rhetorical analysis is to look at the details of a piece of writing and understand how all

the pieces work to create a meaning. The purpose of your paper is to identify these details and explain what meaning they are trying to create.






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