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Essay digital business | Business & Finance homework help
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Digital Business Design 


Write an essay an essay contrasting the probable effects of the current Coronavirus outbreak on a company that have undergone Digital Business transformation and those that have not (from the same industry). 


• Minimum length of the assignment 2500 words – Maximum 3500 words.  

• Relate your answers to the concepts delivered in class.  

• Font: Arial 12,5pts. Line-spacing: default. Text-align: Justified.  

• Bibliography/References in Harvard style.  

• You may use Appendixes. These and the References do not count for the total wordcount.  

It assesses the following learning outcomes:  
To design state of the art digital business interfaces that exceed 

user expectation.  
To design applications using methods that align with the best 


To design and manage the full user digital experience from start to end.  


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