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Students will explore the experiences of a historical woman leader (born before 1980, in 1st  2nd wave or 3rd wave feminist movement), evaluate her leadership strategies, incorporate the theoretical approaches (Chin) & principles (Juana Bordas). Analyze her leadership characteristics presented by Chin.  Reflect on feminist leadership. What if any components of liberal feminist leadership does she utilize? Is the historical leader a feminist? Explain. Think about communication style, family background, etc. What are the central historical dynamics that shape this women’s leadership approach and what if any multicultural principles does she utilize?

You MUST use the assigned textbooks and other sources. For example, students may explore women leaders in business (Madame CJ Walker), politics (Shirley Chisholm, Eleanor Roosevelt), or community organizing (Ida B. Wells). See Blackboard Content and readings for historical figures. Write a 1,500- 2,000 word essay, 12 size font, double space, typed. Must use APA, MLA or Chicago Style citations. Grammar matters.

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