Essay | ENG 1301 | Houston Community College

Write a 2-3  page well organized process essay. 


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Essay | ENG 1301 | Houston Community College
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Think of something that you do very well. Imagine that you have been hired (at a substantial salary) to explain how to complete this task to your classmates. You may write either a directive process analysis that explains how to do something or how to make something, or an informative process analysis that explains how something is done or how it takes place.

Re-read The Method on pages 254-259 to understand the differences between these two types of process analysis essays.

Example topics:

  • How to write an A+ college essay
  • How to give an effective speech
  • How to prepare a delicious holiday meal
  • How a bill becomes a law in the United States Congress
  • How a president is elected in the United States

Draft the Introduction and Thesis statement

  • In the introduction, define the process, explain the purpose of the process or why it is important. State your experience in successfully completing the process.
  • In the thesis, state the high-level  steps of the process (3-5).

 Draft the Body Paragraphs

  • In separate body paragraphs, for each thesis point, explain the details required for completing the process step successfully. 
  • Provide examples and offer tips that will help the reader complete the process successfully or understand it better. State what to avoid in completing a process step. 
  • Follow the guidelines in the Bedford Reader on page 257 for organizing your process analysis.

After writing your first draft, study the Checklist for Reviewing and Revising a Process Analysis (258) and Focus on Consistency (259). Adjust your essay to follow the guidelines in these two checklists.

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