Essay english 101 | English homework help


analyze the relationship between racism, implicit bias, and stereotype using the classification and division essay model. Discuss how these terms relate to each other, and then discuss why these concepts are important to our present-day society.

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Essay english 101 | English homework help
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To write an organized classification and division essay that clearly communicates a main point or thesis that supports the point(s) and connects the support.


Please be sure to use the  MLA 8 Essay Template download to create your essay. Your essay should include:

 Introduction – one or two sentences that take the reader from the big picture to the specific topic. Discuss the current social background and the need for discussion about social justice.

Thesis statement (multi-part). Tell the reader what the relationship is between the terms and why it is important to society. PLEASE UNDERLINE THE THESIS.

At least two quotations and examples for each of the terms that support the thesis.

Transitional techniques between thoughts and paragraphs to make the essay flow.

Conclusion – restate the thesis and recap the support.

Works Cited page – lists all the sources that were quoted/cited in the essay, alphabetically by author’s last name. Note that the entry will depend on the format you used (video/article).

The essay should be at least six paragraphs long, and each paragraph should contain 8- 10 sentences. In each of the paragraphs, one of the sentences should be a topic sentence.


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