Essay – how to build a pc – 7 pages

ISM 3011 Group Assignment/ Project 1
The first group assignment/ project is “How to build a PC”.
It consists of writing a research paper on the computer assembly parts and process, by the members of the group. Your paper must be written in MS Word and each group member must submit/upload the file into Canvas in order to receive credit. Your paper must contain at least 5 references. This is a group project and a group grade will be earned. Your Word file should include the following: A cover page with a digital photo of the whole group, members’ full names, semester, course title and number, date, Professor’s name, and the name of the University. In addition, your paper needs a table of contents page. The paper should also discuss the necessary hardware and software for a functioning PC. You will also need to include how to assemble a fully functioning computer for a business student. Your last page should be your reference page that will contain all the sources you utilized. The length of your paper should be 7 to 10 pages long. Good luck to all the groups!

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Essay – how to build a pc – 7 pages
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