Essay on research plan (2500 words)


For your final essay you have to design a research plan. In order to do this, you need you choose a topic of your interest relevant to education (e.g. Inclusive education in a central Africa country, or the use of assistive technologies in mainstream classrooms in your country).

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Essay on research plan (2500 words)
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Firstly, you will need to conduct a literature review and to provide the research topic. You will need to develop the research questions, the purpose of the study and the research objectives and aims, the data collection process and the method of data analysis that you will plan to follow. Please bear in mind that the plan needs to be realist in time (e.g. in 6 months) and you will need to be able to answer the research questions.  Please use at least ten referencing sources and table of contents.

Wordage: 2500 words 

Use the APA referencing system throughout the analysis


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