Essay world literature (odyssey) | English homework help

 Instructions: Due March 9 Type, double space, your answer to one of the following essay prompts. Answer the essay fully, with examples from the text to support your points of view. Discuss rather than give a “yes/no” answer. Have a thesis rather than a scavenger-hunt. There is no lower or upper limit on the answer length, but it is unlikely that a full and coherent answer will be less than 1.5 pp. Be sure you include the essay topic number at the start of your answer. Assessment: Familiarity with the text is paramount. A full, coherent point of view is next in importance. Standard written English is assumed. This portion of the test is worth twice as much as the in-class objective test and counts as your first “paper.” Turn-It-In is on for this assignment. Do not plagiarize. If you use anything other than our textbook, you must cite it appropriately. 

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Essay world literature (odyssey) | English homework help
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