Ethical scenario 3 | Education homework help


Directions: Read the case scenario as identified below. Guided by your understanding, use the National Education Association Code of Ethics (NEA), NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment, the Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics Standard of Conduct and the INTASC Model Core Standards to identify the standard violated, the offense committed, and the ethical violations.

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Ethical scenario 3 | Education homework help
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Scenario 3
Mr. Ricky is one of the youngest teachers at Barksdale Elementary School.  Due to his young age, he has lots of friends and associates. After school hours and on numerous weekend Mr. Ricky is seen with his friends in a local bar.  Many of his student’s parents reported seeing Mr. Ricky on a frequent basics in the middle of the school day during his planning period drinking beer.  

Is Mr. Ricky acting as a good role model to his students? Did Mr. Ricky commit or violate any ethical standard according to NEA, NAEYC, MS Educator Code of Ethics Standards of Conduct, and INTASC Core Model Standards. Identify and explain in detail how this act was/was not a violation of standards.

 Remember, this assignment is valued at 50 points. It is not considered a short answer assignment. Information must be detailed. You need to review each of the codes and identify the standard(s) or violation (s) that is related to the act in the scenario. You must also explain the information in a scholarly fashion. Do not assume that your reader has any knowledge of the contents of the information.

Check your assignment for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure prior to submission.

Use the Student Resources to complete this assignment. 


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