Excel data separation | Human Resource Management homework help

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> For all four excel spreadsheets i need to calculate the frequency of events in each months in the column of dates. For example in need a formula to count and display the number of events that occurred january of 2013, but i need all events to be accounted for so it will be a table with all the months and various years. then i need the average of events per month. for example average of events on jan 2010,jan 2011, jan 2012 etc. The purpose of this is to get the average frequency of the events on a particular month throughout the years.
> For activations2 and uchart access change use effective date 
> For ser1 use both record creation and effective date so it will be to different tables and averages.
> For users we will count events only that are both inactive and under the login blocked column those that say “other” or “provider left organizations”. (these represent terminated events)

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Excel data separation | Human Resource Management homework help
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