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RFP (Request for Proposal)

Industrial Widgets and Sprockets, Inc. (IWS) is requesting proposals for the implementation of a Windows Server-based network solutions to support a new set of locations. The design of the services in these locations will serve as a template for other locations later.

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Company Background and Locations

IWS is a relatively new company, specializing in the sale of widgets, cogs and sprockets. IWS has 200 employees in three new locations:

• 85 employees in the primary site in Dallas, Texas, including management/executives, IT, sales, marketing staff, financial and HR staff; this location will host the primary datacenter; half of these employees are mobile users, traveling often.

• 60 employees in a site in Portland, Oregon, mostly sales staff, with a small datacenter; most of these employees are mobile users, traveling often.

• 55 employees in a site in Charlotte, North Carolina, mostly sales staff, with a small datacenter; most of these employees are mobile users, traveling often.

The mobile sales workers mentioned above will need to work remotely, which should be considered in the design.

IWS has some internal IT staff who will oversee the maintenance of the environment that you design and implement. Most of the IT staff are in the Seattle location.

Basic Requirements

There are some basic requirements for your proposal:

• The design must leverage Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 for all servers. • All important decisions should be explained, providing technical or business reasons for the decision. • When making your proposal, you can make assumptions about anything not specified in this document, but you

should specify what those assumptions are. • Cover all of the questions below. Supplying the answers in either a question-and-answer format or a broader

descriptive format is fine. • Be sure to review the “Proposal Requirements” section above. • You do not need to cover any financial, manpower, scheduling or similar details in your proposal. However, your

decisions should avoid unnecessary waste.

Topics to Cover


questions that have to be covered are included below. At a high level, these are the topics to cover:

• High-level network design and IP addressing (at least including IPv4/IPv6, subnet/IP range design) • DHCP (at least including servers, fault tolerance, scope design, use of reservations) • DNS (at least including servers, fault tolerance, zone/namespace design) • remote access (at least including remote access, RADIUS, Network Access Protection, wireless access) • server security (at least including Windows Firewall configuration, disk/file encryption, IPSec, Network Access


Topics to Exclude

High-level topics you can feel free to exclude completely from the proposal include the following:

• details of network equipment (except to possibly identify the placement of equipment which supports the Windows Network infrastructure) or network security devices (e.g., network-based firewalls)

• physical rack layout or similar physical datacenter design • file/printer sharing (except if it affects the design of other components that are being covered) • server deployment (except if there’s something noteworthy that applies to the topics being covered)


fixed, so

• • •

• •

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• •

it’s not necessary to specify further details about the following components in your design:

The three sites are highly connected via site-to-site VPN links over Internet links, and each site has its own direct access to the Internet. Routers are configured in each site. Connectivity within each datacenter to all servers and to all desktops in each of the three locations is already established; all systems are connected at 1 Gbps.

Assume NAT will be used, so that internal private addressing is used for most of the network. Assume that we will have access to a public IP address range with at least 30 free IP addresses for your services (more can be allocated if necessary). IPv4 and IPv6 addressing are both available. IPv6 addressing should be used in addition to IPv4 as appropriate to support any global clients or other endpoints who are using IPv6, and to support any technologies that depend on IPv6.


The public DNS namespace is The company will have a Web presence. Network firewalls and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) are in place, and ready to be configured once the servers are placed and IP addressing scheme decided. Systems within all three sites will all be able to communicate with each other, and whatever firewall rules that are required on the network firewall will be created. You can assume there is a robust file server configuration, providing high availability and replication between datacenters. You can assume all employees use file shares for some purpose. E-mail is hosted off-site. There is a virtualization environment you can rely on to deploy any new servers you need, although you may specify if you’d prefer physical servers in certain cases (with an


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