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Family finance homework | Business & Finance homework help
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the homework is: 

Read the book The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach.  Turn in a 2-5 page double-spaced paper (3 points).  Please do not go over 5 pages.  Write one paragraph for each of the 8 chapters.  Include at the beginning of each paragraph a heading (4 points total) stating which chapter you are writing about (you will get marked down if you don’t have the headings) and a short description of the chapter, including key points (2 points each).  Don’t write just the bolded lines from each chapter.  Write about what was included in each chapter.  You are welcome to add what you learned or how you felt, but you will be graded on writing about what was included in each chapter.

            Include a final summary paragraph that includes each of the following:

            a.  What you liked and/or disliked about the book (2 points).

            b.  What you plan to implement in your life (2 points). 

            c.  A financial quote that you liked from the book (2 points) with the page number (1 point).


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