Feasibility report: environment friendly green medical institute

Feasibility Report:  Environment Friendly Green Medical Institute campus focus on ICT


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Feasibility report: environment friendly green medical institute
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Feasibility Report: A Core Assignment     



A feasibility report explores different possibilities to solve a problem or make a change, ending in a recommendation for one specific action or no action at all.  It is a formal business document whose audience is a mixture of people who will be affected, but only one final decision maker.  You should address your report to that decision maker, but take in the concerns of other stakeholders.


Your audience analysis and topic were approved in Week 6.  Please don’t change it without checking with me first!




Your report will have the following parts:

·      Cover page

·      Letter of Transmittal

·      Table of Contents

·      Executive Summary

·      Body (8 pages single spaced): introduction, feasibility study, analysis, and conclusion/recommendations

·      One visual/graphic (minimum) referred to in the text and captioned

·      Ten source minimum:  at least 2 print or library data base articles cited and listed on a Reference page.

·      Appendices as needed


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