Feature article proposal | Reading homework help

Now that you have a specific idea of what a feature article is, let’s start planning for how you will write your own using the A3 Feature Article Proposal assignments.

Under Assignments, please complete the A3 Feature Article Proposal, worth 50 points. Please use this proposal and not the questions included in the assignment sheet for A3. I have revised the A3 assignment sheet, but in the case that you may have downloaded an older copy, please disregard and download again.

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Feature article proposal | Reading homework help
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The proposal is a requirement before you can submit a rough draft of A3 (due next week). Take time to consider the questions, review example feature articles and consult the sources you have collected for your research. Each of these resources can be helpful. And, as always, don’t hesitate to contact me for ideas. I love to help students, especially in the early planning stages of writing! 


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