Film genre | Education homework help


Create a discussion regarding your experience at the movie theater.

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Film genre | Education homework help
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Attend a film of your choice or watch a TV or streaming version uninterrupted. 
This film cannot be one analyzed in a prior assignment.

Analyze and describe, in 525 words, responses to the following:

  1. What are the sounds and smells?
  2. What does a large audience add to your experience?
  3. Are there distractions?
  4. How is the theater experience different from home viewing?
  5. Do you prefer the theater experience or home experience? Why or why not?
  6. What genre of film did you attend? Does the theater experience add or distract from this type of genre?
  7. Observe and explain the narrative of the film.  
  8. Be thorough, and specifically describe the entire experience.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.


Film Genres

Choose a movie that you have viewed in the past and can re-watch to complete the below worksheet. Please refer to our course readings. You may use the same film watched in a previous week.


Part I, II: Examining narrative at least 50 words in each cell (not including required quotes). Choose two quotes from the eBook ONLY (not YouTube nor the Internet)  that defines a film technique not a review of your film. For example find a quote for the definition of: Plot, theme, meaning, protagonist, antagonist, narrative, round and flat characters, costumes, sense of space, genre: comedy, horror, documentary, black comedy, spoof, mockumentary, parody, action, suspense, western, spaghetti western. Surround with quote marks verbatim and list eBook source. A formal reference is not needed!  Then connect definition to your analysis of the film. What scene can the characters or narrative best be observed?  Do not choose quotes that analyze your film. It is your job to do that.




Identify the story/plot of your film.





Film Name?                (YEAR?)

Describe the characters by label.






What are the audience’s expectations for your film?






How does the film create a sense of time?





How does the film create a sense of space?













Part II: A Look at Genres





What are the conventions of your film’s genre? Consider finding a definition of the genre, quoting it and explaining why it meets your film’s plotline.





What are some of the formulas/myths of your film’s genre?








***Reminder: Participation is based on substantive posts that must include your choice of quotes from the learning activity, text, inclusion of a relevant YouTube clip, or link to a relevant film analysis Website not listed in our course. Each post must be a minimum of 150 words not including quotes or links. While such citations are required, a formal reference is not. See Instructor’s Policies for complete details.***



Explain art cinema and the elements of art cinema.

Discuss a characters functions and their Character Coherence, Depth, and Grouping.

Explain Plot Chronologies: Flashback and Flashforward.

Explain First-Person Narration,Narrative Frames and Third-Person Narration: Omniscient and Restricted.



Explain film genres and the elements of genre.

Discuss Audience expectations.

Explain the six movie genre.

Discuss and explain movie melodrams.





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