Fin 370 (finance for business) week 4 complete a+ graded

FIN 370 (Finance for Business) Version 7


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Fin 370 (finance for business) week 4 complete a+ graded
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Week 4


Discussion Question 1


      What are main elements in calculating the cost of capital? How would an increase in debt affect it? How would you identify an organization’s optimal cost of capital?


Discussion Question #2


What is meant by WACC? What are some components of WACC? Why is WACC a more appropriate discount rate when doing capital budgeting? What is the effect on WACC when an organization raises long-term capital?


Discussion Question #3


         What is an IPO? How does an IPO allow an organization to grow financially? When is a merger or an acquisition, instead of an IPO, more appropriate?


·         FIN 370 Week 4 Individual Assignment Reed’s Clothier” Case Study and Questions


·         FIN 370 Week 4 Team Assignment Caledonia Products Integrative Problem


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