Fin 515 week 3 quiz latest one 100% score

FIN 515 Week 3 Quiz  latest one  100% Score


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Fin 515 week 3 quiz latest one 100% score
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1.     (TCO D) Your stock portfolio consists of only two stocks. You have $30,000 in Company A and $35,000 in Company B. Company A has an actual return of -8% and Company B has a return of 12%. What is the return on your portfolio? Show your work. (Points : 5)




1.     (TCO D) Company A has a beta of 2.77. Company B has a beta of .73. Company C has a beta of .90. The risk-free rate is 6%, and the market-risk premium is 4%. What is the expected return of investing in Company C? Show your work. (Points : 5)



1.     (TCO D) A company has a capital structure of 40% debt and 60% equity. The YTM on the company’s bonds is 9%, and the company’s effective tax rate is 40%. The cost of equity is 13%. What is the company’s WACC? Show your work. (Points : 10)







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