Final exam–help | Information Systems homework help

Length:  Minimum of 7 Pages

Due date: Monday, April 20, 2020

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Final exam–help | Information Systems homework help
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This assignment should be in APA format and have to include at least ten references.

Final Project

Drawing on the past 15 weeks, use what you learned to create a security assessment plan for your company. The plan must include the following information / section headers.

Note: All students will write about the same company. The company is called ABC Manufacturing. They make widgets. ABC Manufacturing sells widgets in person at their main location in Boise, Idaho. They also sell their products at a national hardware store throughout the United States. They receive bulk orders for their product from this hardware store. They also have a website that they use to sell their widgets. The website is hosted by Microsoft Azure using a SaaS platform.

Section headers:

Security Architecture – define the overarching security architecture you recommend for ABC Manufacturing.

Enterprise Architecture – describe the enterprise architecture you would presume ABC Manufacturing has established. Identify at least 3 departments and specific tools they use.

Risk assessments (risk, threats, vulnerabilities, credible attack vectors) – identify at least five risks (and their corresponding threats/vulnerabilities) for each platform – cloud, network, supply chain. Identify the credible attack vectors for each.

Security recommendations – identify at least five security recommendations you would make to the owner of ABC Manufacturing about security and what they can do to improve their overall posture.

The paper must be in APA format. You must have a title page and reference page. This does not count towards your 7-page requirement. You must have an introductory paragraph and a closing paragraph. Late submissions will not be accepted.


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