Final paper1 | Computer Science homework help

This is the “course critical assignment”.  The specific rrequirements are listed in the rubric along with the grading criteria.   

This final paper should be 1500-2000 words (6-7 double spaced pages).  This an APA governed paper that must adhere to the APA guidelines for grammar, spelling, formatting, and references.  Graphics are not required for this assignment but the inclusion of graphics is accepted.   Graphics do not count against word count.  The basis of the paper is as follows:

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Final paper1 | Computer Science homework help
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Part 1 – Choose an industry and provide an overview of it’s value to society.   No more than1 page. 

Part 2 – Discuss the technical innovation history of the industry including a time line. No more than 1 pages. 

Part 3 – Discuss the adoption of design in the chosen industry. How is the industry listening, observing, etc with customers and users to advance technology.  No more than 1  pages. . 

Part 4.  Discuss the current state of emerging technologies on the chosen industries.  Examples could include cloud, mobile, block chain, AI, virtual reality, digital twins, and IoT.  less than three pages.


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