final project – create a crime prevention program: part 2

In Unit 8, you were to compare and contrast three current crime prevention programs that target juveniles and evaluate them. In Unit 9, you will complete Part 2 of that project. You will create a proposal for a new crime prevention program that targets juveniles and determine how you will evaluate its effectiveness. 

You may use elements of the three crime prevention programs you researched for your Unit 8 Assignment or come up with completely different components.

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final project – create a crime prevention program: part 2
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In the analysis of how your program will deter juvenile delinquency, you will want to use data from your three comparison programs to support your new program. 

For example, how many juveniles are enrolled in the program? In order to deliver the best programming possible for juveniles in the K–12 school system, calculate the optimal ratio of staff to the target population, based on the average ratio of the comparison programs.

Your analysis should specifically identify the data source and include a summary of the data.

In addition, you will want to specifically address how the data were used to inform your thinking on the development of your new program (i.e., how you used the data to solve a real-world problem).

Create a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation incorporating speaker notes to include the following:

  • Who is your target population, what are your goals, and how will your program be implemented?
  • Explain your program, detailing the elements of it and why it will be effective.
  • Describe how the program’s effectiveness will be analyzed and how the objectives will be evaluated.
  • Specify how deterrence will be measured and what will be considered effective deterrence.

Include a reference and title slide.

Cite a minimum of four sources in your reference slide, using in-text citations in the presentation where appropriate.


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