Final project for data mining


Project Topics

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Final project for data mining
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You  have been asked by management (manufacturing, healthcare, retail,  financial, and etc.,) to create a research report using a data mining  tool, data analytic, BI tool. It is your responsibility to search,  download, and produce outputs using one of the tools. You will need to  focus your results on the data set you select.  

Ensure  to address at least one topic covered in Chapters 1-9 with the outputs.  The paper should include the following as Header sections. You can find  some related topics if you want. Then write the term paper.

Example of topics: 

1. Using data mining techniques for learning systems….

2. How to improve Health Care System using data mining techniques…

3. Design and develop Network/Information Security using data mining techniques…

4. How efficiently extract knowledge from a big data using data mining techniques…

5. Using data mining techniques to improve the financial/stock information systems…

Types of Data Analytic Tools:

Excel with Solver, but has limitations

R Studio

Tableau Public has a free trial

Microsoft Power BI

Search for others with trial options

Examples of Dataset:

Example: Project Construction Format:

You should follow the following content format:

Title: Topic


  1. Introduction
  2. Background [Discuss tool, benefits, or limitations]
  3. Review of the Data [What are you reviewing?]
  4. Exploring the Data with the tool
  5. Classifications Basic Concepts and Decision Trees
  6. Other Alternative Techniques
  7. Summary of Results


(Ensure to use the Author, APA citations with any outside content).

Assignment Instructions:

1. The submitted assignment must be typed by ONE Single MS Word/PDF file. 

2. At least 10 pages (not including heading and content list pages) and 5 references.

4. Use 12-font size and 1.5 lines space

5. No more than 4 figures and 3 tables

6. Follow APA style and content format: UC follows the APA (American Psychological Association) for writing style in all its courses which require a Paper or Essay.


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