Financial accounting report | Business & Finance homework help


Detailed Assessment Brief– Written Report (40%) – 4000 words total
Students are required to write a Report (4,000 words)ON A STRICTLY INDIVIDUAL
BASIS. This means no copying from other students or published sources.

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Financial accounting report | Business & Finance homework help
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The report is a Financial Accounting Report (3200 words) and a supplementary Reflective Report (800 words)

The Financial Accounting Report should compare and contrast four companies from the retail industry sector.The companies should prepare Financial Statements using International Accounting Standards. Your companiesshould all be listed in the UK and you should look at the most recently published Financial Statements and their previous year’s financial statements. In addition to the Financial Accounting Report students need to append a Reflective Report (800 words), which details their own personal journey in preparing the assignment

The Financial Accounting Report should include –

Background of the companies and the retail sector in the UK.

?Relevant theory and research from a wide range of quality sources

?A review of Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards in these organisations and a critical appraisal of how they operate.

?A comparative analysis of the Financial Statements using financial ratios and other key measures. Both between companies and industries

?The strengths and weaknesses of your analysis

?An Introduction and Conclusion

?An appendix containing any detailed financial Information that is relevant to the report. The reflective report encompasses your journey in preparing the assignment.

The Reflective Report should include –

?Introduction:An explanation of the aims and objectives of the learning experience.

?Part 1:A reasoned, ordered and critical account of your learning, include key theoretical, conceptual and applied learning points. (What?)

?Part 2:Critically evaluate your new learning and how it relates to your existing understanding. (So what?)

?Part 3:A demonstration of how the new knowledge has developed you as a person and as a professional. How it might be used in a work situation. How you

could have done things better. (What now?)


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