financial forecast | Business & Finance homework help

Web Exercises: Please solve the questions on the excel spread sheet, download the data, and show steps when you solve these problems.


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financial forecast | Business & Finance homework help
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1.      In this exercise we will practice collecting data from the Web and graphing it using Excel. Go to the click on “Data” at the top of the page, click on “ Stock Index Data,” and choose the “U.S. Stock Indices-Monthly” option. Finally, choose the “Dow Jones Industrial Average” option.


a.       Using the method presented here in this chapter, move the data into an excel spreadsheet.

b.      Using the data from step a, prepare a chart. Use the chart wizard to properly label your axes.


2.      In web exercise 1 you collected and graphed the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This same site reports forecast values of the DJIA. Go to Click the Dow Jones Industrials link under “6 Month Forecasts” in the far-left column.


a.       What is the Dow Forecast to be in six months?


b.      What percentage increase is forecast for the next six month?




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