Financing entrepenuerships | Business & Finance homework help

          4 Discussion Questions (Must be at least 5 sentences long or more for discussion. Please include a reference and cite in paragraph). 


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Financing entrepenuerships | Business & Finance homework help
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          Take a position on which of the accounting reports (e.g., balance sheet, statement of cash flows, operating breakeven analysis, etc.) is most important to anyone interested in giving an entrepreneur funding. Support your position.

          Discuss at what point an entrepreneur should consider calling it quits if the business only breaks even. Consider the factors involved in the decision to support your discussion.

        Indicate the ratio(s) that is (are) best for evaluating the risk an entrepreneur is engaged in and indicate how each will direct decisions made in the business. Support your response.
    Analyze how you can use trend analysis for your business venture from Assignment 1. (Business Venture – Financing Entrepenuerships) Please see attachment for Assignment 1 doc.


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