Fire suppression systems | Applied Sciences homework help

Your municipality is considering adoption of several modifications to the current fire code for all commercial buildings over 4,000 square feet. Specifically of interest to you, the primary modification will require the installation, maintenance, and inspection of the appropriate fire protection system for each type of commercial business. As the fire inspector, you have been asked to come to the next city council meeting to educate the members on the matter.

Prepare a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes information on the installation, maintenance, and  inspection of each of the following types of fire suppression systems:

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Fire suppression systems | Applied Sciences homework help
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 Automatic sprinkler systems

 Wet-pipe sprinkler systems

 Dry-pipe sprinkler systems

 Preaction sprinkler systems

 Deluge sprinkler systems

 Dry-chemical extinguishing systems

 Wet-chemical extinguishing systems

 Clean-agent extinguishing systems (halogenated agents)

 Carbon dioxide extinguishing systems

Remember that the city council members are laypeople, so be sure to include pictures and explain any technical information that may be confusing for them. You are encouraged to include information regarding the economic impact of

this code adoption.

You may also use the information in your textbook. Your presentation should include at least two references to support discussion. Be sure to cite any sources used in a reference slide, using proper APA formatting. The title and reference

slides do not count towards the slide-count requirement.


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