First draft | Education homework help

In a four-page paper describe your personal coaching and leadership philosophy that will guide your work as a coach of a team or as an athletic director of your school’s athletic program. In your philosophy paper you will want to provide your readers with a comprehensive description of the following components of your coaching and leadership:

                        a. Mission Statement for your TEAM or Program

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First draft | Education homework help
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                        b. Vision Statement for your TEAM or Program

                        c. Core Values that you will strive to infuse into your TEAM or Program that will make your leadership distinctive

                        d. Which of the following “styles” of leadership best describes your coaching of athletes today:  command, submissive, cooperative, transformational, or transactional. 

            * Note:  Please support your leadership philosophy with a minimum of two references from your outside reading and citations within your paper. 

I have attached an edxample.  Remember this is just a first 


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