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Please ensure that each post is a minimum of 100 words

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For allroundbest tutor | English homework help
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why is your example effective descriptive writing?  What descriptive adverbs were used?  What descriptive adjectives were used?  In your opinion, what could Maya Angelou have added to this essay to make her description essay more complete?


Aunt tee told me that once she was housekeeper for a couple in California , and lived with them for 14-room ranch house. There was a day maid who cleaned, and a gardener who attended the lush gardens.


Please ensure that each post is a minimum of 100 words


Byzantine Christianity spread in Northern Africa and Middle East and Roman Catholic greatly influenced people of Western Europe, North and Western part of the Mediterranean region. Byzantine Christianity used leavened bread to symbolize the risen of Christ and Roman Catholics used unleavened bread as used by Jesus. Roman Catholic priest are not allowed to marry but in Byzantine Christianity the priest were allowed marry before they are ordained. Roman Catholics were headed by the Pope as the high authority and Byzantine Christianity were in full communion with one another and believed Bishops were the high authority.


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