For aristotle only howork assignment #1



Hello, I have posted another assignment for your assistance with.  Pleasse se the instructions below.  Thanks for all your help!!!  If you have any questions, please let me know. 

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For aristotle only howork assignment #1
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Research topic: Emotional Intelligence, Personality Type, and Online Learning Success


This can be 500 words or less.  thanks





Reading Statistics

For this discussion section find two peer reviewed academic journal articles that directly relate to your research topic for this class that use non-reactive measures—especially content analysis or non-reactive physical evidence. Using some of key terms from the book from the chapter you are reading for this week, describe the findings of the articles. Then, describe how the articles help you think about your own study both methodologically and theoretically.


Key Words from chapter:


non reactive research

unobstrusive measures

contnt analysis


coding system

manifest coding

letent coding

intercoder reliability

social indicator

fallacy of misplaced concreteness

ecological falaccy


general social survey



All the key words do NOT have to be used for this assignment…only some of them.







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