For jonsh | Information Systems homework help

Submit your responses to these exercises. For credit:

– Repeat each question above each response

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For jonsh | Information Systems homework help
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– Answer in your own words, and reference sources

Do these exercises for Chapters 3-4.


4. How do “paper plate” systems improve efficiency?

8. What is state? What is irreproducible state?

14. What are the benefits of moving variations to the end of the process?


3. What are the benefits of IaC?

9. What is idempotency? Why are most CM systems idempotent?

14. Suppose you are going to cook dinner. You have no ingredients, so you must buy them. Then you must mix and cook them. Finally, you serve the food at a dinner table. Suppose the world was controlled by computers. Write a pseudo-program to make dinner using an imaginary imperative language, and another pseudo-program to make dinner in an imaginary declarative language.  (Hint: Study the syntax of modern/popular declarative languages such as “Ant” and “make”.)


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