For kimkim – essay 3 part

Part 1: Topic Selection (5 points, 5% of Course Grade)

Select one of the tasks below and come up with a short proposal (about three sentences) in which you describe what you plan to do in your paper.

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For kimkim – essay 3 part
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  1. Choose a local person who contributes to the cultural life of your community:  an artist, musician, author, religious leader, museum director, local historian, or other cultural figure. Conduct an interview with them (in person or through electronic means) and write a paper describing their work and the impact it has on the community. (Your instructor may allow modification of this assignment if appropriate for your situation–ask permission.)

  2. Choose a specific cultural controversy in your local community. Some examples include issues of local censorship of art or literature; funding for the arts in the schools or in the local community; representing cultural or religious diversity in the arts or in the schools. Write a report describing the controversy and suggest with a possible solution that would best benefit the community.

  3. Propose a topic related to this course that you choose and your instructor approves. If you choose this option, you must email your instructor before handing in your topic selection assignment to make sure that your topic is appropriate.

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Part 2)


Answer all of the following questions in 250-500 words. Be concise.

  1. What will be the focus of your paper? Do you have a main point that you are trying to make? Or are you planning to describe something for the sake of conveying information?

  2. How do you plan to organize your paper? Provide a short description of how the narrative of your paper will go. This can be in bullet list form, or it can be a short descriptive paragraph.

  3. What are your outside resources? You should have at least three. List your three resources, indicate why you think they are appropriate, and provide a one sentence description of each. In providing this information, be sure to properly evaluate your outside resources based on criteria found at You will not receive credit for citing inappropriate resources.

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Part 3)

Submit a paper of 750 –1,200 words. Your essay should use concepts from the course and be well-organized and professionally presented, without grammatical, spelling, or typing errors. 

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