For madam-professor only | Information Systems homework help

The final assessment/exam is a research paper. You, the CEO, are building a global organization that manages silver/gold mines throughout several continents. In order to optimize performance, you need to manage the inventory, keep track of expenses, contain costs, have access to all corporate records, etc. Each of you will have your individual spin on how this is accomplished.

The paper should incorporate three sections from the textbook (ex: technology organization, managing using a database management system, managing inventory, etc.). The elements you choose should be related to the direction you wish to manage your organization and develop your research thesis.

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For madam-professor only | Information Systems homework help
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The paper needs to contain a cover page, table of contents, an introduction (approx: 1-page), body of information (will be unique for each paper), a conclusion (approx: 1-page), and a reference section (APA citations). You should include a few visuals (tables, diagrams, etc.) within the body. DO NOT place visuals in an appendix. Make sure that you label and caption all visuals (ex: Figure 1: bla-bla-bla) and reference them within the text.

The body of information should be delineated with at least three sections. The minimum word count is 2500 words (excluding reference section). The word count should be indicated on the cover page. Make sure that your research contains elements related to an actual mining operation. Again, Google Scholar is where you can start to gather articles and papers.

Once completed, upload the WORD file to the Canvas assignment area. Please adhere to the following naming convention when upload your assignment to Canvas:


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