For phyllis young dtm4 | Human Resource Management homework help

Diversity Training Manual: Part IV

As the new manager of human resources, you are preparing the next section of the diversity training manual, which focuses on making supervisors more aware and sensitive to religious discrimination issues.

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For phyllis young dtm4 | Human Resource Management homework help
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This section of the training manual should include the following information:


Cover page


Body 3-4 pages


(Paragraph 1)Give an explanation of the Civil Rights Act, Title VII 1964 legislation, dealing specifically with the meaning of reasonable accommodation for religious practices

Describe Title 7 related to religion and reasonable accomodations.


For each of the 3 religious groups listed below, describe and explain the following:  

Identify and list 2 reasonable accomodations among practices



Identify two possible undue hardships among practices

(Paragraph 2) Orthodox Jewish

(Paragraph 3) Hindu

(Paragraph 4) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS)



(Paragraph 5) Conclusion





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