For this assignment you will write an apa style paper addressing

HS410 Unit 9 Assignment

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
● Understand organizational management principles.
● Apply organizational skills to healthcare settings.

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For this assignment you will write an apa style paper addressing
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Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
HS410-6: Evaluation and apply organization and management principles in healthcare settings.
GEL-1.1: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original
materials in Standard American English.

Health care providers, managers, and administrators are faced with a variety of ethical
issues. These issues range from right to life and abortion to right to die and physician
assisted suicide. For this Assignment you will write an APA style paper addressing
common ethical issues found in health care. Your paper should clearly identify a
minimum of three ethical issues. Using the ethical decision making process located in
Chapter 4 analyze each of the ethical issues you have identified.

 3–5 pages in length (not including cover and reference pages)
 A minimum of three outside resources (one of these resources can be
your textbook)
 Your paper should be formatted according to APA, include a proper
introduction, appropriate headings, and conclusion.
 Click on the link below for a brief review on Ethical Decision Making


NO PHARGIARISM!!! Paper must be 4 -5 pages, strictly on topic, well detailed and original with 3 scholar referencsea. No repeatation.



Please use this assignment grading rubric;



Unit 9 Assignment Rubric
Instructors: to complete the rubric, please enter the points the student earned in the green cells of column E. Then determine point deductions for writing, late policy, etc in the red cells to calculate the final grade.          
Assignment Requirements Points possible  Points earned by student          
Student can clearly identify five ethical concerns facing admnistrators. 0-50            
Student can appropriately uses the decision-making process in evaluating the ethical issues. 0-50            
Student presents clear and sound arguments regarding ethical concerns. 0-25            
Total (Sum of all points)  125 0          
*Writing Deductions (Maximum 30% from points earned):              
Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling: 30%              
Order of Ideas/Length requirement (if applicable): 30%              
Format 10%              
*Source citations 30%              
    Late Submission Deduction: (refer to Syllabus for late policy)            
    Adjusted total points 0          
*If sources are not cited and work is plagiarized, grade is an automatic zero and further action may take place in accordance with the Academic Integrity Policy as described in the university catalog.    Final Percentage 0%          


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