Formal email | English homework help

Handbook of Technical Writing – see pages 162 to 167

Web sites with helpful information about writing formal emails

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Formal email | English homework help
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Need help in finding grammatical errors.  The following web site contains information about writing formal emails and you can download the grammarly software for free.

YouTube video that might be useful

Create a formal email and submit it by Sunday night 9/22/19 in the drop box below.  Submit your final revision.  The file will be a .docx.  In order to avoid confusion in the name of the files (too many files with the same name) submitted for this assignment use the following naming convention:

LastName_FirstandMiddleInitial_email   For example mine would be Creider_RD_email

Use the information given above and any additional information you find on the Internet to complete this assignment containing the necessary information described below.

Address the email to Bill Setup.  His title is the Director of the Center for IT Excellence.  The purpose of the email is to request the installation of the GIMPS software in the two computer labs in the Journalism/Computer Science building, rooms 200 and 101/102.  You can assume that the director does not know anything about the GIMPS software so you will need to briefly explain the project.  (Information about the project can be found at  The purpose of installing the software is to make use of the un-used CPU cycles at night and on the weekends when the computers are not being used by anyone.  The benefit to the University for installing the software is recognition for being part of the project.  The recognition is provided at the web site and possible global publicity in some newspapers and on the Internet in the event that one of the lab computers finds the next largest mersenne prime.

Note about the GIMPS project

Anyone who is interested in primes and this project can follow the progress made by the many contributors as well as look at the ranking of individuals/teams in the project.  You can find the ranking of the CS department in this project under the name TAMU-ComputerScience at the following URL:

You may ask, why search for prime number.  A partial answer can be found at the following web site created and maintained by Professor Chris Caldwell at The University of Tennessee at Martin:


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