Fundamentals of public speaking discussion

Speech Anxiety

1) This discussion board will allow you to share your level of anxiety of public speaking. It is perfectly normal to be nervous – and each person will feel varying levels of anxiety. A few may not be nervous at all, most students will be somewhat anxious, and a few others may feel strong anxiety. On a scale of 1 (no fear at all) to 10 (I might pass out) where would you place your fear of public speaking? Very fearful? Somewhat fearful? Little or no fear? Counting presentations in your classes, speaking in front of a small group or leading a meeting in a work setting, how much “public” speaking have you done?  Give an example of one of these speaking opportunities and tell us what happened. How did you feel? Was the presentation successful?  

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Fundamentals of public speaking discussion
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2)  Focus on the positive! How do you feel you will benefit from becoming a better public speaker? Will this help in your career, your other classes, or within your private life?  Explain what you think. Can you name a speaker that you feel is really effective? A minister, a professor, a politician? How would it feel to be as calm and engaging as that speaker?

3)  Think about what you fear the most about giving a speech or a presentation. Then think of two possible tips (positive thinking, preparation, practice, deep breathing, etc.) that will lessen your anxiety in preparing to speak. Even if you feel no fear, choose two tips you can use to make your presentation better. Tell us the two tips you’ve decided upon and how you believe these will improve your performance.  


Please write from your experience of public speaking, the response to this discussion should be a paragraph of 5-7 sentences. 


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