Gen 499 (general education capstone) week 2 dq’s


GEN 499 (General Education Capstone) Complete Course

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Gen 499 (general education capstone) week 2 dq’s
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Week 2



Professional Resume and Cover Letter

Create a professional resume and cover letter for a position within your selected industry, and attach a copy to this discussion forum.
Ashford University’s Career Services department can provide assistance with writing resumes and cover letters.  Please visit the
Student Portal Homepage ( to access the Resume Builder (, listed under Career Services in the right column. Students who have created professional resumes and need critiquing and proofing, but who do not need the resume builder, can contract career services directly at [email protected].


Week 2 Assignment:


GEN499 Week 2: General Education Capstone Critique of Three Forms of Internet Communication 1900+ Words


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