Gerontology reflection urgent | English homework help


For this reflection assignment, I invite you to evaluate the risk factors that determine if an older adult will be poor. In doing so, play the Social Security Game (      . Then, based on the choices you made saving the Social Security Program and our covered textbook material, evaluate and write your reflection by answering the following:

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Gerontology reflection urgent | English homework help
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  • What are the risk factors that could determine if an older adult will be poor? 
  • What is the most important factor in establishing the financial security for the “golden years”? (In here please think/describe the challenges older adults face in building their retirement income and the shifting patterns of employment in the past two decades).
  • What should younger adults do now to avoid poverty in old age? How do you / would you prepare for your financial security in your “golden years”? 

(Reflection’s length: 750 words; approximately 3-4 pages, double spaced in Word document)

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