Give detailed answers with no copy or paste and non plagiarized.


Do not just answer the questions.  This is a graduate course and you should be able to explain the logic behind your answer and point to a credible source to support your position, even if it is just the textbook.  You are expected to spend at least 6 hours studying the questions, finding and studying good sources, and understanding the nature of the answers and at least an additional 6 hours answering these questions and polishing your writing; so, the answers are compelling.   Invest your time wisely, giving more time to the complex answers in order to ensure that you demonstrate that you truly understand the answer.

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Give detailed answers with no copy or paste and non plagiarized.
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1. What questions can an Intranet consultant answer with regards to Intranet development?

2. Describe the staged methodology for Intranet implementation.

3. Describe the three areas in which critical mass is purported to be required.

4. Explain the user of Search Engines in an Intranet

Answers must be detailed, compelling and not short, with credible sources.


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