Global economy week 5 and erm week 13

Global Economy:

Chapter 12 – From our weekly chapter reading, we learned that Crowdsourcing can be a very valuable tool for promoting and developing three main pillars of an open government.  According to the Executive Office of the President (2009), Open Government Directive, Crowdsourcing ideas in the public sector identifies and defines those three pillars as?

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Global economy week 5 and erm week 13
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Q1: Please identify and name the three (3) pillars of an open government, and provide a short description for each? 

a. identify and name the three (3) pillars of an open government

b. provide a short and clear narrative for each pillar to support your response

Chapter 13 – Our observations from the case study reading in the chapter material, Leadership and Management in Complex Systems research by Jager and van der Vegt (2005), is that leadership scholars seem to acknowledge the dynamic nature of leadership and have developed models and frameworks to organize and describe the factors that are important.  However, empirical research to test these models is scarce.  The authors have suggested the reasons for the lack of such research on dynamic leadership processes. 

Q2: Carefully identify this reason(s), and provide a brief narrative about why the authors provided that reason?

a. identify and name up to three (3) reasons for the lack of research on dynamic leadership processes,

b. provide a short and clear narrative for each of the reasons to support your responses

Chapter 14 – According to Troitzsch (2005), microsimulation could be described as a form of variant and social simulation that can be seen to be located between and contrasted with system dynamics — with a macro focus and low complexity — on one side, and agent-based modeling — with a behavioral focus often relying on notional rules — on the other (Gilbert and Troitzsch, 2005).  Following these collective research revelations by these authors who share the same ideas, what is the definition of the core of microsimulation?

Q2: According to Gilbert and Troitzsch (2015) what is the definition of the core of microsimulation from this context?

a. identify and name the definition of the core of microsimulation,

b. provide a short and clear narrative (no more than 100-words) to support your response based of this case study — Not a general definition from the Internet

Enterprise Risk Management:

Week 13: Chapter 28 The Reluctant General Counsel Options Menu: Forum

After carefully reading chapter 29, write a response to the following questions. Respond to at least two other students during the week. Make your response substantial by giving additional information, insight, or evidence to consider.

1. What are Jason’s options? Can he accept a risk management program that does not involve the legal department?

2. Do you agree with George’s arguments? Are they valid?

3. How would you proceed, if you were the risk officer?


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