Goal for university admission (essay type)

I am applying for the msn online  program at  a university of west florida. i was was asked to provide a goal statement ( essay )type

I started as a patient care assistant in 1995  and became a licensed practical nurse 1998 and worked in many rehab nursing home  in my community until 2008 when i  became  a Registered Nurse (RN). in 2009 I transition to  the hospital setting in the cardiac floor  for 10 years. In 2019 i completed my bachelor of science in nursing. The  healthcare industry  is changing at a rapid pace, therefore it imperative  to continue my education  to further my advanced  nursing career. my goal is to attained  excellent knowledge and experience in nursing  to deliver competent care to the community.I see myself go beyond  msn

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Goal for university admission (essay type)
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make it fluid  please. just one citation, quote  regarding ‘;perseverance’


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