Governing board meeting assignment | Education homework help


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Governing board meeting assignment | Education homework help
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View this board meeting- 

Review the Agenda-

 As you watch the meeting, pay careful attention to the messages conveyed by board and attendees alike. Mentally compare and contrast the messages in the meeting with the messages conveyed by the authors of the text Minding the Obligation Gap in Community Colleges and Beyond.


Write a 1-page reflection paper.

  • Board meeting date- January 26, 2021
  • Choose one topic discussed at the meeting that resonated with you. Discuss why you took note of this topic.
  • Choose a topic that relates directly to your role as a Maricopa instructor. Explain why (or why not if you were not able to relate).
  • What was the overall tone of the board meeting?
  • Describe the dynamics of the Maricopa governing board members.


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