Gpo policies | Information Systems homework help

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Gpo policies | Information Systems homework help
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The 10 GPO Policies on the website are listed below.  Select one of these policies.  Write something beneficial or positive about the use of the policy you have chosen.  Then, write something negative or difficult about this policy.  Next, select three other websites that discuss the Policy you have selected and include paraphrased comments from each of these sites.  Your assignment must include citations to these three additional websites.  Citations are acknowledgements within the body of a paper that indicate where the idea/sentence originated.  Citations appear in parentheses and include the authors last name and the year of publication.  For example,

 The GPO regarding strong passwords reflects current thinking about the need for robust passwords (Anderson, 2018).

You also need to include a separate References page in which you indicate each author’s name, date of publication, publication title, and the URL – the web link to the source.


Password Policy

                -Enforce password history
                -Maximum password age
                -Minimum password age
                -Minimum password length
                -Password must meet complexity requirements

Disable USB Drives
                – All removable storage classes: Deny all access
                – All removable storage: Allow direct access in remote sessions

Disable PST file creation  (note: PSTs contain addresses from Outlook)
                – Prevent users from adding new content to existing PST files
                – Prevent users from adding PSTs to Outlook profiles
                – Prevent using sharing-exclusive PSTs 


Zero points will be awarded if you ignore the following…
               a. You may not cut and paste your answer
               b. You may not use someone else’s words rather than your own words
               c. You may not use a synonym site to modify someone else’s words
               d. You may not attach files

 Reduced points will be awarded if you…
               a. Invest minimum effort in your response
               b. Lack clarity in your document.
               c. Do not include three additional sources
              d. Do not include citations
              e. Do not provide a References page which includes a complete link (URL) to the articles cited


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